Assalamu alaikum
I hope you are doing well.Sorry for not writing in Arabic ! To make a long story short the laptop broke down so I am using this device which has no arabic keyboard.
Thanks to our respected administration for all they did and always do for Alma3ali.
Thanks to those who missed me or tried to communicate with me.
I leave you with Allah's care and I wish you all the best.
Your sister
p.s. I copied the first toot from @AlSh so jazaki Allah khair sister.


@Gadah وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته يا فاضلة، يشرفنا انضمامكم للشبكة يا فاضلة ونتمنى عليكم أن تعودوا بعد حل مشكلة اللابتوب وتشرفوننا بمنشوراتكم / تبويقاتكم المثرية وسنكون سعداء بذلك حتما

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